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Radio & TV Hosts’ Reactions to Dr. Nili’s Message on Air

“Judging by the phone calls & emails we've received, we’ll be calling soon to have you back on Nightcalls. It's rare that a guest can give us so much important information and still be so much fun.” Farrell Hirsch, Executive Producer, Playboy Radio

“Actually, I agree with you…” Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor FOX News, TV

“Fascinating topic…we have to have Dr. Nili back soon” CNNfn TV; The flip Side

“…Dr. Nili busted few myths here on the show.” Roxanne Battle, Kare 11 TV, MN

“We always enjoy having Dr. Nili on. This topic needs attention and discussion. Dr. Nili brings not only her insights and research on the issue but is compassionate about it too. A must get!” Susan Blanch, Producer. WCCO Radio, MN

“Thank you for an informative perspective on the emphasis that society has placed on female breasts. Your knowledge on this stirring subject serves as a useful tool for those seeking self-acceptance, particularly for teenage girls.” Terri West, Ken & Company Morning Show Talk Radio KABC 790-AM, Los Angeles,

“Dr. Nili was a great guest on the KQ Morning Show! Thank you for being on with Host Tom Barnard.” Terri Traen producer, KQRS Morning Show.

"A very interesting and knowledgeable lady who deals with a serious problem in America with wit and wisdom" Jack Roberts of Cable Radio Network (CRN)

“Nili, thank you very much for a delightful interview on the Dave & Susan Show this morning. You made for an excellent guest. Best Wishes,”Dave Holly KELO AM

“Hey Dr. Nili-- Thanks so much for being our guest on The NightLight on Tuesday night. It was not only informative, but a lot of fun. In my opinion you have a great sense of humor as well as a healthy message.” Bee Brahm and Wayne Metrano co-hosts, The NightLight WSAR AM 1480

“Hi Nili, You did a great job. It was fun. The whole office loved it!” Mary-Jane Popp, KAHI Radio Talk Show Host

“Dr. Nili, you're a delight, your light and spirited personality is truly special, and your message is very important for people to connect with. But that's not all. I was struck by the content of your book. From my point of view (and as a guy), the findings were not what I expected to hear and so I walk away from your book with a dramatically altered perspective. Your message is one that we all need to hear, talk about, discuss . . . and we were happy to help you give the topic the light of day it needs. I truly think the insights you have given us in your book are as useful as they are disturbing and enlightening. You are giving valuable and needed advice -- pointing us culturally, socially, and psychologically in the right direction. Thank you for that.” James LeVine, Ph.D. Co-host KHVH AM830

“I'm happy to do radio/media with you anytime. You have a great message! I thoroughly enjoyed having you on the show. Thanks for a wonderful book.” Beth-Ann Kozolovitch, KHVH Radio Talk Show Host

”Nili thanks for being so enthusiastic and making humor of what truly is a sensitive topic to many women. It was great to have you on the show!” Laura Mainella Show Host The Rock

"Nili Sachs was a wonderful guest. She was entertaining, quick and had a positive message." Rob Ervin, Producer, Gary Burbank Show "An interesting approach to a subject not taken very seriously yet everyone talks about!" --- Lara Moritz KMBC 9 News Anchor and Hot Talk 1510 radio host in Kansas City “We really enjoyed having you as a guest. We couldn't put your book down, and then it was really fun to speak with you in person. Hope we can call you again.” Best, Joan Conlisk

Dr. Sachs: Great segment! I enjoyed our discussion and your analysis on body image, as well as the differences between our attitudes vis a vis those of Europeans. I hope we can speak again. Cliff Donovan News Director Newstalk 890 KDXU