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Nili Sachs, Ph.D.

Author of Booby-Trapped, How to Feel Normal in a breast-Obsessed World

Report # 1.

Tips for mothers; how to manage requests for breast implants from your teenage daughter

Most of our mothers did not have to encounter this particular request from a teenage daughter, a niece, or even a god-daughter.

Well, things have changed. The girls of today are knowledgeable about trends, fashion, beauty and cosmetics. Many girls do come across “the breast size” issue when they wish to join a cheerleading squad or to belong to the in-crowd.

In my experience teaching marriage and parenting education classes, girls’ larger breast size as a pervasive phenomenon, has been news to most parents.


  1. Before you say anything: be/become a good role model.

        a. Examine your own attitudes and relationships with your own breasts.

        b. Improve your posture. Posture speaks volumes about your inner feelings regarding your body, breasts and body-image.


  1. Refrain from immediate judgment when you daughter introduce the wish or request for larger breast size.

      a. Verbal judgment will turned off communication. Therefore do not put down or belittle her ideas.

      b. Non verbal judgment is as destructive; it can be rolling of one’s eyes or a sigh, or any distinguished body language that show disapproval.


  1. You are the one who can show her the genetic line (gene-pool) she is coming from; go back and point the women in the in your side of the family, her father side of the family and show her in pictures and stories the realties, the heritage and the gene pool in her background. In some cases that proof was enough to stop the obsession.


  1. Young girls have no appreciation for the fact that breast implants involve surgery.

They think of the results only and they are very impatient with the entire process.

Young girls want to buy their breasts like others will purchase shoes. Breasts became a fashion accessory you may purchase. It is up to parents and especially mothers to help with this new family issue


  1. Just say NO.

Setting limits is one of the more important goals of parents of adolescents. Exercise your responsibilities. Your teenage daughter might surprise you with newly found respect for you.


  1. Do not fool Mother Nature!

Your child’s body is not grown enough physically to make these surgical changes. Be the grown up. Breast implants is not the path for showing motherly love.   


Booby-Trapped, How to Feel Normal in a Breast-Obsessed World