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Chapter one Size Is Everything!
Chapter two What a Lift!
Chapter three Breastology 101
Chapter four Silicone Valley
Chapter five Bosom Buddies
Chapter six Double-Breasted
Chapter seven The Breast Dialogues
Chapter eight It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!
Chapter nine Don’t Hold Your Breast
Chapter ten Beauty, The Beast And The Breasts
Chapter eleven Busted!
Chapter twelve One Breast At A Time
Chapter thirteen Treasured Chest - Part 1. The Quiz
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I simply had to write this book.

First, women patients and women friends were curiously noticing other women breasts’ sizes and shapes. Their comments sounded like a murmur or a mumble or a gossip, but not yet as a cultural pressure.

That was twenty years ago.

Later in my career, those whispers found a strong voice. I actually heard in the privacy of my office women’s complaints about one’s unlucky body, poor presentation of femininity, abandonment by God, shameful self, feeling nature’s cruelty and more phrases that clearly indicated misery: had company.

Recently I observed further deterioration on this theme: women’s blaming what was happening in their intimate relationships on their breasts’ size and shape. Worse yet, single women blaming their breasts for not getting the “right” dates! Some examples:
  • A woman I’ve known for some time got divorced and started dating. She had her breasts enhanced surgically “so I can get a richer husband next time around.”
  • A married man confided in me saying he is no longer attracted to his wife, the mother of their three children, as her breasts looked “somewhat” sagging.
  • A first-grade teacher would not breast feed her newborn declaring, “My husband does not want my breasts ruined for ever...”
  • Another woman in her thirties felt self conscious about her breasts asymmetry and she had them equalized by inserting an implant into one of them. Once she got married, she decided to keep the procedure a secret from the new husband. It is still secret years into the marriage...
  • The husband of a friend of mine left the marriage as soon as he heard his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.
At first I thought I wanted to write Booby-Trapped as an educational tool to decode some issues regarding intimate relationships. Then one day, one of my six nieces (I have two sons, one grandson, no nephews) told me about a classmate, 14 years old, who is saving “all” the money she makes from babysitting(!) for the purpose of having a “boob job” at age 16. I cringed at that thought and asked my niece to find out if the classmate’s parents know and/or what do they have to say about it. I got the answer the next day: her parents will match the savings, and by her Sweet 16th birthday, they will help her find a surgeon.

What were they thinking?

I learned that Booby-Trapped is not only a relationship issue; it’s a cultural out-cry!

At that moment I felt I simply had to write this book.

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