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How can you tell if a person is booby-trapped?
by Nili Sachs, Ph.D. author of:
Booby-Trapped, How to Feel Normal in a Breast-Obsessed world


* When the other person in a conversation with a woman, is repeatedly fixing their eyes on her breasts, rather than on her face… The partner is booby-trapped!

* When describing a female to others, the speaker begins the description with the size and/or shape of that female’s breasts…. He or she is booby-trapped!

* If a woman criticizes the size of her own bust, or compares her size to others’ with pride or envy… She is booby-trapped!

* When a man declares he is only attracted to women with large size breasts, and this is the only kind of women he would be seen with…He is booby-trapped!

* When a woman expects the enhancement of her breasts size to bring her inner peace, happiness or even the right man for marriage….She is so booby-trapped!

* When 16 years old girls are having a breast implants procedures done so they may be accepted to a cheerleading squad….The entire squad is booby-trapped!

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