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Interview Questions

1. Is America obsessed with women’s breasts? Why?
2. What are some secret wishes women have about their breasts?
3. What a mother should say/do when her teen daughter asks for breast implants?
4. Should a father have a different response?
5. Is the obsession with breasts tapering or increasing these days?
6. What is the name for the new shape of breasts?
7. Who is responsible for America’s obsession with breasts? Men? Women?
8. What are the steps to reverse one’s attitude of being booby-trapped?
9. Why do some men want to be seen with women with unrealistic-size breasts?
10. Before large breasts became a fashion statement, what body part(s) got attention?
11. When a husband asks his wife for breasts “improvement”, (assuming she is not interested) who will pay the emotional cost?
12. What are some ways women reveal their attitudes towards their breasts?